Friday, June 26, 2009

Break News of 26/6/2009

"Michael Jackson was pronounced died"
No any news is more shock,causing more sensation than this.
I heard the news this morning when I was on the way to my morning class.It is like a thunder beating on me that I found it hard to accept the fact.Is it true?Is it Michael Jackson the pop king has really left the world so unaware?

I was too eager to reach UTAR to pass the break news to my friends.This is the journalism student's soul.Unsurprisingly,they all were shocked by the news of M. Jackson's death.However they didn't seem react sad or feel sympathy toward his death.Perhaps this is because they are not admire him before.But I do.

M. Jackson was my idol during my childhood,probably during my primary school age.I like him due to the influence from my father.We bought his casette which was affordable for us.I listen to his songs over and over,even until fell asleep.

Pass through the hundred years,the addiction towards him became lesser and lesser.I have even forgot his songs.The notobly news regarding him make the world criticize him or even sued him to court.I have never hate him as I know I love him only when he is in his music career.

I got back home after the afternoon class."You are not alone"I heard M. Jackson's voice.I have almost forgotten,we got a M.J fans here in the house.He looked sorrow,seriously.And was regretting not buying his doll before the price increasing.The lecturers were discussing his death today at university as well.He brought a big impact to the public,to the society.He is really a successful music man.

M. Jackson,the well-known pop king died in his 50-year-old when I am doing my Y1S2(26/6/2009) Jr course in UTAR that I will never forget it.

Saturday, June 13, 2009

Suang's Unilife of the first page

It's really freak me up!!!
I have got a nail polished with black color today!!!
is it an sign for the changing of my life?
Could it be?Can I?Do i deserve it??
I have been busying with the performance this few days
Those are my craziest days in UTAR so far..
"Melody ringing.."..(my DBSK "Proud" was ringing) is ching wei's name appeared on the screen who called me just to ask:
"Hey,u want to join the welcoming concert?"
"Of course I do!!!"
I accept his "invitation" without a second consideration..
I love perform.I love singing.This is all my friends know so that's why he called me..
However, it is really super weird when I first time appeal to the rehearsal
(rehearsal??!!i was kind of shock when i heard this while i have not been to the practice at least once)
The following rehearsals were done in the next two days..
Through the two-day time..i found that Utarian is actually not as bad as we thought before It was the welcoming concert that change my hindsight...perhaps forever..
There's good-looking guys in UTAR!!!
Those who playing band,singing,as well as one who dances awesomely..
Someone that you won't even notice generally is also quite attractive as well..
Thus,i think talented guys are always charming,agree?
Other than that,our "unimate" can do the bbox things,cool huh?
We can't find the treasure if we dont try to..
I was terribly,awfully tired this few days..
Keep skipping classes to do the rehearsal...
Hey,thats something i would like to mention here..
The concert would probably quite successful,perhaps..
but the rehearsal things,crews are so inefficiency..
I am not meant to criticize the groups...
But can u believe that the performers have to rehears twice in one day
and 2-3 hours per session
Besides,the time of rehears was always delayed and delayed..
Please,we are students but not idlers...
The shows were nice,like Myra and her friends
They are super sexy...singing pussycat dolls song if i am not mistaken..
UTAR has a lot of great singers as well...just waiting to show their talent to the public..
After the concert,i was having a sudden idea that i want to join the groups...
I meant the music lovers group...
They are rock and it is really a wonderful things when u met someone can share the same interest..and they are active unlike my housemates..
However to this socialize stuffs,it requires one thing:Fluency English!!!
University is not like secondary school..
We dont have enough time to attend the extracocurriculum..
But then it is a "need" to fulfill our uni life..
Just enjoy it beside having well result..
Dont make your certificate with blank in the activity column..
Yeah..i am thinking to join Yoga club,Dance club and Traveller's Den..hehe..
By the way...i seems like never talk about my group,choir..hehe
Hmm...i have no words to my choir actually..
we still need a lot of improvement and effort..
Choir Concert?It still leads to a long path to go...
All the best,choir..

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Fresh new semester

Another new semester is started to run...
I am now Year 1 Sem2 student...not more the freshmen already...
I am really delighted today as i have tried or met a lot of different things in my life a few hours ago...
Thus i decided to blogging today since i am sick with my laziness...><
First thing first,i am going to tell my story all of the day..
Today is a really special day for me as i was first time pasting the posters in utar...
I was first time giving the flyers to the students like wat i have done as a promoter..
However it is not a really nice thing to do...u will feel like you are working..
It makes me flashback to dumex dugro time...
Though the job isn't tough nor high condition required...but i will always remember my painful feet during the time...
Besides, i have met a really cool lecturer today...
She is really nice and friendly person..
The most important is she is the only one lecturer who wear jeans to UTAR
I have a thought...
I felt like my new started semester will be totally different from the previous semester..
First of all,i will try even harder to achieve in my academic..
Other than that, i will more enthusiastic in joining societies or clubs or any activities..
Then,i will try getting myself a part time job so that i can save money for my future use.
Let's rock my uni life~
Aza Aza fighting!!!