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My 1st trip -To the Land of Smile Day 3 (Part 2)

Sister wanted to have some drink that night before going back to Malaysia so we went to Silom (this is the third time we been to Silom) again. Sister chose a beer house beside the road and we sat facing to the road and watching people who passing by. To be honest, I enjoyed this activity, in Malaysia and at anywhere. It is an art to enjoy every single people, from head to toes, from left to right.

The "mobile" hawker...wakaka
We found an uncle John (this is a common name of US people we thought) was sitting beside. He is cute and kind. I kept snapping his photo, without his permission. Alright, I know this is unethical.

A typical US uncle
I told sister that there is actually another place which is famous of nightlife, Sukhumvit. I read from the book. I don't like nightlife, to be frank. My purpose was actually to travel to somewhere we did not go. We took taxi to Sukhumvit.
It is another area in Bangkok. Bangkok is another sleepless night city. We saw many stalls were still operating along the road in the late night.
Sister chose another beer house which I forgot the name. However it is very easy to be recognize that you can find a big snooker table placed at the second floor. Sister initially wanted to play snooker but someone has occupied the table earlier than us. I ordered a glass of apple juice. I don't drink.
There were two Caucasians and one Thai sitting beside us. One of the man asked us to join them. Do not know how reject his over-friendly, we joined them.

I am proud of their good friendship.
The man is an Irish, same to another female with him. He can speak Thai as he has been working in Bangkok over ten years. Same to us, he enjoys travelling around, especially Asia. He plays photographing as well. He was over react that night at which we believe he was drunk.

Although we don't take his conversation serious (since he was drunk) but some have really upset me. We were praising the friendliness of Thais. He then told us, it is proved effective only when you are a tourist. "But in some villages or somewhere are underdeveloped, people there still maintain their pureness", he added then. He shared his experience of after working more than 10 years in this country that Thais now who knew he is not tourist, being no more friendly as they did previously. 
While we mentioned about Silom, he has another view. He asked us if Silom a culture of Thailand. We remained silent and listened to him. He was quite inspiring and said "It is not Thai culture." It is something added in after the country developed and now it has become a tourist site. I felt guilty as I hold the perception that I must visit to the red light district and see those A Qua. I always think it is a culture of Thailand that we cannot missed. 
His words inspire me. He continued, " The original Thais are pure and kind." They changed when the country become developed and urbanised(i added this). This can't be denied that modernisation and urbanisation has seriously corrupted the origin of a culture. 
I felt his grieved toward the changing. But, you know. Things change always because of ourself who made it. I believed that the day when he started working in Thailand, he can be one of those who make this change. Who knows?
That's why our respectable C & C's lecturer, Ms Por said, it is impossible for travelling to seek authenticity. The place lost its authenticity when outsider reached. 

My 1st trip -To the Land of Smile Day 3 (Part1)

It was the third day in Bangkok. Eventually, I have my solo journey around the land of smile. I have been planning this but my coward + lazy spirit stopped me from doing this the day before.
the offering
I woke up early that day and started my solo trip.I have asked the receptionist of any nearest temple in Sathorn the night before yet the place that he told me is too far from our place. I found from the guidebook which sister brought that the monks will walk out from their temple to collect the offerings from the people ( which we called "tuo bo" in chinese). I thought I have no chance doing that. Nevertheless, the morning when I walked out to the market, I saw numerous of monks were walking out there. I gave offering to two monks and I felt really happy with my luck. The elder monk asked me if I was Japanese. This happened in many places I have visited, sometimes even in Malaysia.

The elder monk was asking people beside me if I am a Japanese

I joined them to pass the offering to the monks
Then I started my journey. I did not plan where to go but just simply walked to any direction I like. You know, you must always plan before started a journey. I now understood this rule. I lost my direction then.
I walked such a long way then I lost my direction in an apartment district. To my dismay, I turned back to the direction where my hotel locates. There were more than ten taxis slowed down their speed while passing by me. I hold my impulse by telling myself to save money, to save money, to save money. However after few minutes walking to the intersection, I saw a biker who stopped by the roadside. This is one type of the public transportation in Thailand, the bike. Without any hesitated, I raised my hand and walked toward him. I decided to take this ride. One I want to know the rate, and another reason was that both my legs were too tired.

This driver cheated me!
He dropped me in Silom. I tried to bargain with him about the fare to 80 baht from 120 baht before the ride. However when we reached Silom, I gave him 100 baht and asked for change. He told me that he has no small change and that was the fare for that ride! I thought I was clever but not in fact.
I found people in Thailand are really soft and gentle. They seldom speak loud, not even shout, especially the ladies, let's ignore those working in special district. And I have even found that the dogs here are gentle as well. They did not bark as loud as dogs in Malaysia.

I walked back to Sathorn around 10am. I tried the ice tea along the road. It was seriously taste good and brought convenience to the working people. You can see more than ten stalls selling tea or coffee along the roadside. I guessed it is the point mark of Thailand in the morning.
Before I forgot, something quite funny happened in my solo trip.
I was unfamiliar with the environment and road name in Bangkok as all written in Thai.
I found a security along the road and I asked him the road back to my place.
He was very enthusiastic and friendly you know. But the thing is he doesn't speak English but Thai.
I have no idea what he was talking about.
At last, he decided to draw me a map. It ended up with the map that I pretended I understand.
have any idea what did he draw?

My favourite fruit~
Sister and I went to Chaktuchak the biggest market in Thailand in that afternoon. We did not spend much time as sister said there aren't much to shop. At last, I successfully bought two huge backpacks from there for just RM30 each! I shall go there next time.

The artist in Chaktuchak
The next will be the most horrible experience we got in Thailand. We were in front of the lift, I have forgotten if we were tending to go out or just back from outside that time. We saw a lady was walking from a dark corridor toward us in front of us. The lady was in white top which looked similar to hospital suit with a dark colour sarong. She did not tie up her long hair which really quite messy. And the most frightening is she was holding a packet of blood on her right hand which seems sticking to her arm.
Polite me, reacted to her with a smile that time. I could not think so much that time. She replied me with a smile as well. She was limping and walking very hard. Yet we were too frightened that time and decided to fasten our pace back to our room.
She left an impressive memory deep inside my brain which I could not bear repeating the scene in front of my sight. I couldn't help to look around the corridor everytime when I walked in the corridor. I guessed this is the most unforgettable memory I have ever experienced so far.

We will never know what will happen when the lift opened
Graduation ceremony

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Sunday, January 2, 2011



Murmuring in my room...

This is my first time having my own personal space.
This is my first time decorating my own room.
This is my first time living alone in a room.
I listened to the Taiwan singer, Lin Yu Qun's song this morning. The song name is " Living alone" .
He looked sorrow yet firm.
I was thinking, is it so hard to live alone? Is it so sad to be no one beside?
For me, I will definitely appreciate the time when I get alone.
I went to Tesco alone, just now.
I bought daily appliance.
I selected stuffs for my new personal space.
I was walking back to my house alone, under the dark sky.
There was no moon looking at me but stars did.
However, I was not happy.
I smell loneliness when I locked myself in my room.
I felt alone although I switched on my speaker loud, singing loud...
How long haven't I hung out with my friends already?
How long haven't I chitchatted with my mates?
I have forgotten.
Today, I am going to sleep alone, in my new bed, new room.
I miss my mother, I miss my family.
I miss my house mates. I miss my course mates.
I miss all my friends.
I miss my trip.