Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Hey!There's my university~

Jool Bro asked me to view a link he posted in Facebook yesterday. He said that there is something our respectably Mr.F told him yesterday about his plan.
I read the news then. It is regarding the donation at which a philanthropist whose name is Koon Yew Yin intended to donate money with RM30 million to UTAR, my university. The money is donated for the hostel building when students in UTAR got to pay more than RM300 for their rental fees (I meant Westlake house).It sounds great, isn't it?
The A block building of UTAR(took from internet)
However, what a waste, our honorable UTAR high management, as well as MCA casted the fabulous money off...
I remembered what my senior told me before. She said that there is someone(forget his name already) who owns the land of new town. All shoplots in new town are under his name, as well as the westlake residence area where most of the UTAR students stay.
Now you know the reason why UTAR turn out Koon's money.
It has been so ridiculous when I recalled what people said before. People said that enter UTAR is good due to the cheaper tuition fees.
UTAR is a semi government school so the fees will be cheaper
Yes, exactly. It is cheaper if compared with other colleges
Yet why they now using this opportunity to earn students' money?
Why don't they decrease the students' expenses as lesser as possible?In contrast, they tended to earn students' money,
They played the role as a businessman but not as one who involved in education
This has been sarcastic when they tend to earn money from the poor student espexially when most of the students are chinese(i am not trying to be racism)
Yet what on earth they are doing? When most of the chinese students unable to enter government university then they chose UTAR where they think the tuition fees is affordable
And now MCA uses UTAR as a instrument to earn students' or their people money
When the election draws near, the people will stand out and say" We as the chinese, should mingle each other. We should work together to achieve our goal. Thus vote me"
When it is the critical period, sweet words is heard and honey promised is given
This is the society where we are living nowadays...
Since we are all labelled as Malaysian
we shall put our effort in building the nation but not talk only on the paper and never walk the promised
To make our nation better, the first is to think for the people instead of think of ourselves
Now, I am waiting for the follow up news of this issue
It will be quite interesting I guessed?

Sunday, August 29, 2010

Exploration to Green Ridge (2)

Now it is the second day to Green Ridge
I called CEO around 10am yet he told me that he was too tired to go...
I felt so disappointed seriously. I thought that why he can be so irresponsible...xp..can simply said too tired then not going
As what we planed, this time we gathered in front of steamboat restaurant at 11am and waited for Ah Ba to come
Mosquito came just after we arrived
Oh...by the way, we got another two new members this time who were big sister and professor yeen...
Big sister refused to go the day before because she pantang of the date
Jool bro brought salt this time and he wore long pants,so do mosquito
Meanwhile, Ah Ba arrived by CEO's motor!!!
CEO came at last..I scolded him for bluffing me...aiz...><
Ok, now seven of us were here that we started our tour
All shoes this time
Everyone were wearing sport shoes finally...You know la...people are always very gatal...need to get some lesson only they willing to be prepared...
New trend created by Mr. PC...Tun, you should learn this...^^
Ah Ba wore long pants as well and hid his pants into his long socks..=.=(i would rather been sucked by leech,haha...)
We changed our route this time that we climb the drain behind to get to the hill
We saw the place where CEO climbed up yesterday and where he said nothing
There was a half-way building tablet and some benches
A secret staircase was found after the tablet
Suddenly, one of us saw a hidden staircase at the left hand side of the tablet
We were so excited and mounted it with big steps
"This must be the right way this time", I think all of us thought this at that time. It was 11.30am.
We kept climbing and climbing that soon we started to feel our heavily breathing
We started tired. Nevertheless, none of us shouted to rest
We were too excited to climb up following the vividly pathway up to the hill
The pathway can be seen clearly...
I saw a trench in the half way.
I looked at mosquito and gave her some hint
The trench that made both mosquito and I communicate using heart..^^
"Don't you think it is like something...", I asked.
"Yeah Yeah.." mosquito answered. We were so tacit understanding each other as we have made an agreement that no any words of "war, japanese, british.." spoken in the jungle.
We continued to walk further into the jungle
The white bandaged left after which we used as a guidance to us
We saw some white bandage on the tree and it might be the hint left by the hikers before, perhaps Mr. Chye I thought.
Who is Mr. Chye? Alright, he is a war historian who did a lot of researches on the battle of Kampar for years.
He likes to introduce Green Ridge to the people to prevent people from forgetting the epic and important war. Heard that many army officers came to him to get his lecturing.
Bamboo was seen in the jungle as well
Come back to where we stop. we saw bamboo in the jungle as well which we thought that quite unique to find bamboo in jungle.
The road became harder that we passed by another huge trench. It probably was a river(maybe).
There we saw a well just after the trench.
The well which impressed me a lot
We stayed at there for awhile to take photo
Big sister kept saying that there must be someone lived at here in the past.otherwise why there's well here
I now remembered that I did not tell her the background story of Green Ridge.
We pretended nothing and kept walking into the jungle
until to another blind alley that no path can be found
O...another things that i have forgotten...we saw many forks in the road that we have to choose the way
We kept turning and turning in the jungle to find our "destination"
We thought there will be a monument or kubu in the top of the hill
After few rounds turning in the jungle, everyone were exhausted and almost giving up
I decided to send a msg to Tun, telling him that we could not find the kubu
Besides, I also asked CEO to ask Shu who came before the map
Tun asked me to ask elween (senior) of the road yet the point is he has never been here before.(CEO then called him and told him that we were in Green Ridge XD)
Shu called me back after he got my message. He told CEO the way but everything were too abstract
The staircase built by the British I think
He also told CEO that it was his local friend who brought him into the jungle previously
I asked him to ask his friend for detail....however....
After waiting for almost an hour in the jungle, we decided to leave the jungle
However, Ah Ba, CEO and I could not admit the defeat and we kept searching for ways yet it was useless
What we got is more injuries from the thorn of the plant...
I can remember what Jool Bro said, "how can I earn money with my leg hurt"
Thus that means that other than legs, his another part cannot face people...
Thorn that hurt our beautiful leg
At last we went back to where the tablet was and took the picture of the tablet
Then only we went back to Tesco, our base, to have our lunch~
At night, when I google-ed the Green Ridge again... I find no any words of kubu or monument in the jungle
What i got is only trenches and holes where British army hid to shoot Japanese troops can be found in the jungle...=.=...so it means that we were there already
Wow...we managed to get there without any guidance of the local and with bare hand...
This is the spirit of us...I guessed..
By the way, while we were in the jungle, my friends told me" Your chief editor treated u so good hor...ask you to come here to play."
Some even told me that I should have invited him to here...Yeah...I should..><..haha...
Gave tribute to them who killed
Throughout the journey, honestly I don't feel any strong sorrowness while I passing through those trenches...
I think it is because I was not there and I could not feel the feeling they got
What I can do is to pray fro them and hope them to rest in peace...
Buddha bless them....

Spirit of satu padu is important in a jungle hiking
The drain where we started our journey

Exploration to Green Ridge(1)

It was 25th of August. Ah Ba, Jool Bro and I have our breakfast at Bamboo around 10.30am(our plan was to gather at East Ocean restaurant at 10.30am)
You know la, our CEO always being late one...^^
Then we gathered at the steamboat restaurant which near to Tesco
where we parked our iron horse
CEO told us that it is just in front us and asked us to park our bicycle there
"What!!" three of us shouted it out "I thought we were cycling into?"
CEO pointed to the hill just in front of us and said "There is Green Ridge,how do you cycle in?"
The hidden entrance to Green Ridge
We looked at the drection he pointed and found nothing.
Nevertheless, without complaining any single of word, we parked our iron horse and followed CEO
We walked across the road (quite fun) and here we arrived the entrance
Now move closer to the entrance way
We got five members altogether that day(CEO, Ah ba,Jool Bro, Mosquito and I)
And realised that we all were really "well-prepared"
Except me, all of them were wearing sandals
Shoe vs Sandals
And none of us wore long pants which is a MUST for a hiker
After a round of photo session, we entered the jungle with fully excitement
A long pathway can be seen clearly once you enter the jungle
The pathway into the jungle
I felt relieve as it is not as hard as what I thought
I personally like the jungle indeed 
The sunlight is at everywhere
There are beautiful fresh grass and huge tree
We walked according to the pathway until we faced a dilemma
Chin Eng went up and told us there's nothing uo there
There was a slope in our right hand side which leading to uphill and there was a path leading to the front
CEO offered himself to run up to the slope and he told us there was nothing other than some stone that seems like being developed by someone else
OK, then we decided to walk forward instead of standing there to think more
Yet, the more we walked further, the tiny the pathway is
We did not think much that time
It seems be normal as no such thing like easy way in a jungle
Especially when it has been abandoned for years and was a war site previously
Until we reached to the blind alley, CEO asked us to turn right and climb up
He said that he saw the instruction from internet
This is the beginning of sesat
Without any suspection, we followed his instruction. We climbed up to the hill.
I saw the trees there were being cut and wrapped by someone
It enhanced my belief that we were in the right way to our destination
However, the road became harder and harder that we could not move further anymore
CEO ran up to the hill where no pathway at all whilst Ah Ba checked another direction if got any road
Ah Ba then walked back and told me that he saw a huge lizard(四脚蛇)
While CEO returned back I saw he shouted and scratched his toe
Concurrently I saw Mosquito grabbing something from her leg but failed
I immediately helped her to grab it and threw away
I've been told that it is leech soon after I threw it
This was my first time touching the leech..who knows that I got more chances to meet it after all
While we were thinking of the pathway problem, Ah Ba's slipper broke
We did have a common understanding after this
Without any dispute, we decided to withdraw from the jungle
It might be not a hint but it does to us
We left the jungle using the factory road
Exit to the factory beside
The workers were curious of us but we ignored them
I wanted to tegur sapa to them but CEO said they will not know about Green Ridge
That's all our first day in Green Ridge
We decided to do more research in internet then only explore the place the next day
Besides, we wanted to be well-prepared only enter the jungle again
We went to back to Tesco at which Jool Bro's bicycle tyre broke
This is the third accident happened to us in just two days...
Beautiful big tree

We saw the board only after we came out...=.=
Soon after we came out from the factory, we found something!!!
Jool Bro realised that his toe was bleeding and so to Ah Ba...
And they saw leech on their toe!!!
I lower my head and found that my leg was bleeding as well but the leech has gone
Ah Ba just called my name and he was stunned
I quickly helped him to grab the leech from his toe and threw on the road
Now I became the expert of catching leech...^^
Yet my way was wrong...i barely remembered my mum was once told me that if leech sucked your blood, you cannot directly pull it from your body but pour salt to it
Meanwhile, their toes kept bleeding, non stop...haha...so do my pity leg...
Hence, next time do remember to bring salt before you entered a jungle...^^...

Pre-Exploration to Green Ridge

I got a mission from our Mr. chief editor last two week
Is it mission impossible?No~it is mission possible...in fact I don't think it is any hard to me
Mr. C. editor(Tun) told me to form my group and visit to Green Ridge to crazy crazy( I remembered this sentence clearly-go crazy crazy..XD)
I was once saw the words 'Green ridge' in CEO's facebook
Frankly speaking, I have no idea of where it is and even what it is
I only know that it is at somewhere in Kampar
I have been in Kampar for a year and more yet I have never heard about it
Tun sent me a link where I found more detail regarding Green Ridge

This is the link that Tun sent me
O.o...it was a battle site during World War ll from 30th Dec 1941 to 2th January 1942
I have never studied about the Battle of Kampar in my secondary's history class
Lucky I now got the opportunity to study it(thanks internet)
It apparently was a hard battle among the British troops and Japanese army
The cruel Japanese army intended to invade Kampar and took it as a new year gift to their Emperor Hirohito(天皇)
Kampar was a rich tin miner town. I think this is the main reason why Japanese wanted to capture Kampar
A highlight that worth people to do research is British army(indian and punjabi) managed to defend the ridge from the ferocious Japanese forces...you think it is great but not so surprise?Let's hear the number.3000 British troops managed to defeat 6000 Japanese troops in the epic battle.
British army was stranded in the ridge where Japanese army has surrounded them.
Just imagine, the British army could not get any help from outside while the Japanese kept changing their forces 24 hours and supplement their weapon and food.
I got to know that Green Ridge was the only place that managed to defeat Japanese troops during WW ll (although sad story happened when the British troops dashed to Teluk Anson(if not mistaken), Captain Graham the leader was killed). Besides, it is the only one that is being preserved until today Other battlesite such as Cemetary Ridge and Thompson Ridge have been developed this few years.
My curiosity and interest toward Green Ridge were being stimulated after viewing all stories
I decided to go into the battle site and see it with my own eyes
I undertook the offer(since chief editor has already voiced out,as a nobody, we couldn't say no i think...XD)
I asked CEO to go along and he is the one who more excited than me
Then I asked Ah Ba and Zhu bro to join me,they promised to go with me without any single second of consideration....thanks, Bro!
I initially plan to go by 27/8 yet everyone wanted to go back hometown than we changed the plan to 24th of August
Until the day before 24th of August, Big sister told us that it was the 15th July of lunar calender.
She asked us not to go in Green Ridge at the very day
You know, I was always be so obstinate that I refused to change the plan
I was too busy that time
I got to rush for my assignment that I don't bother to adjust any plan already
That night, I drove Ms.Z's Myvi to new town and print my mock newspaper then something happened
The Myvi was being bumped by a blue color Proton Iswara
I heard the passer by said that the car plat is JCV xxxx(forgot d..=.=")
I was so calm, seriously calm that Ah ba kept asking me ok or not
Until today, I was thinking is it a sign for me?

Saturday, August 28, 2010

跛脚踩茶山 第三序


跛脚踩茶山 第二序

麻雀的Whipped cream with strawberry, RM4.90
他也承诺下次带我们到茶山的mount brinchang去爬山
**************To be continue**********************

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

跛脚踩茶山 第一序

麻雀此行去了大马BOH tea茶山的金马伦一趟,然而值得一提的是
就连Uncle Tiong都在面子书留言说麻雀不像是受伤
就在星期五的Feature Writing课,大家在懊恼着第二天的旅程
事实上,原本的计划是去黄金宝藏隔壁镇,大阪的Lata Kinjang瀑布

在Medan Kidd买票去茶山的柜台


第一站,麻雀到达了乐园上的Tanah Rata。。。
*************To be continue************************

Thursday, August 12, 2010

I have not blogged for ages since my assignment peak period started.
My sleeping time becomes lesser and lesser.
And it is the first time I came back home at 5am just for the tiny assignment.
Just for the 1500 words assignment.
Ooohh....my leg is now cucuk cucuk pain la...

It is seriously pain I told you especially when the doctor helped you to clean the injury and apply medicine.
I was crying (just dropping tear) and shouting in the clinic.
Seriously ridiculous and funny

My dear housemate, Fisha told me that it might because of the hungry ghost festival
She said that there is yin and yang in the world whereas yin is stronger than yang now
So sometimes we might face something supernaturally and thus bad luck
I was thinking of my day today
I failed to save my Copywriting assignment after a night combining that I have to re-combine.
I fell down from bicycle where actually not easy to fall normally
Yet I do not take it as bad luck
I could see my ability and my efficiency through the first incident
I managed to re-combine the assignment in three hours which is faster than the day before
I could see my friends concerning of me when they saw my injury
Ms. Ang, my previous Religion and Culture sunject's tutor helped me to bandage my injury (although it is a little bit k-ying and funny yet it is my luck to be bandaged I guess)
Some lecturers were concerning of me as well
Some of them told me luckily you are not injured on your face
Yeah, I get their point.
I think I am not bad luck, in contrast I am the lucky one
I gained things from the incident
I gained the love and concern from people and I know I am not alone
By the way, I want to say a thousand thank you to my lovely Fisha!!!!
She ran out for medicine when I asked her for it.
She ran to(by car) to 7-11 to buy me bandage when there is no any of it
She helped me to ask doctor for pain killer pil
She helped me a lot that I really appreciate it!!!!
Thank you dear!!!!
And also Andrew who lend me his hand when I was shouting for pain in clinic
Thank you guys for the love
Wow....it hits me suddenly...

Sunday, August 1, 2010

This is my hometown

It is the second day I back to Klang.
I went to the town today. I have not been there for ages due to the road construction.
Yet,just be frank, I found nothing changed in fact after the construction.
The road remained jammed
The road remained confusing
We were still stucked in the road for hours..sienz..
 This is Klang old bus station where bus and car share a road nowadays...sweat...
 I initially want to capture the burung kakak on the root yet i guessed they are too small to see. Thus just enjoy the old building of Klang.
 "Beautiful" and "clean" Klang river is behind there...
Klang has become a place with a lot of Malays. I don't really find chinese in my car trip.
There are many roads have converted to one way road. The road site is becoming confusing more and more. In addition, not much new shops established and left old shops where youngster don't really like to hang out to.
Therefore, Klang city no longer as flourishing as before.