Monday, May 31, 2010


I have just reached Kampar, the dark town. Everything are so dark, especially in my taman, thou there is a noisy and famous restaurant. And the traffic was terrible when we arrived.
I drove back from the middle way heading to Kampar. I drove seriously slow as I don't find any happy feeling to back to this place. I missed my family, I missed Klang. I have not done my shopping. I don't have new clothes this time. So sad. Yet, I have my new laptop and new guitar with me.haha...I love them..
Here's my little asus. thanks mum!!!
With the bear which presented by buddhist gang.
Nice guitar from KCC buddies
My dear nephew likes the guitar as well. Sek Fo!

We did the cleaning together. Winnie swept the floor while I in charge of mopping. Then we started to unpack our stuffs masing-masing.
I want to make my room, I meant my space more colorful and arrangable, thus I have added some stuffs in my place. Like it, but not sure how long it can tahan. This is because it always dropped last semester.
It is a part of my room. I got to stay here for 2 and the half years thus I must make it as comfortable and as like home as possible.
Winnie is sleeping now, beside me. I am blogging on my bed. Everything have to return to the school life from now. I have class tomorrow. I am going for a morning jog tomorrow as well.
Things I am wondering now is, my right eyelid is swollen, since last night, without reason. (I personally think my body is too heat since I have taken too much longan in the holiday.XD) Hey, I got to face to the people tomorrow with this look!!! According to Jing Yuh(2010), my eyes is looked like being hit by people. So how can I let others to see my face under this situation?
No, I got to find ways, to hide it from others.>< sad...
I missed my lovely mum. And I still don't have the courage to say " I love you" to her yet.
I missed my sister. Think that she is making milk for her little baby right now. or comforting the baby to sleep.
I missed my nephew. Think that I have no treat him nicely this break. I was scolding him everyday. He is just the way too naughty.
I missed my elder sister, Karen. She is the one paid half of my hair rebonding and brought me for clubbing. To enhance my sightseeing, according to her saying.
I missed Xue Wen. She is the one I hang out the most during this semester break.She told me she can teach me guitar, haha...(notes: She is undoubtedly a piano teacher.XD)
I missed everyone who I have met and I have not met this few days.
I missed Midvalley, Sunway Pyramid, KLCC, Bangsar boutiques, and all other shopping malls.
Seriously, I did not do any shopping this semester break la...feel like missing something in my life.
Yet, I have saved my money successfully.
I can join my housemates to Pulau Redang this semester I think. kaka...^^
It is time for me to sleep. otherwise my eyes became more terrible tomorrow.
Good night everyone and the earth!!!

Saturday, May 29, 2010

the day before going back

I am going back to Kampar tomorrow. The school is going to reopen on Monday and I do have class on Monday. Besides, I have made a decision after last semester. I decided not to skip class this semester. I want to appreciate all classes I can attend. Beside to improve my study, I want to appreciate every moment I have during my campus life.
I heard some sad news today. I got a message from Dai Ka Jie this afternoon while I was sweeping the floor. She asked me to browse our eastlake geng's blog, she has wrote somethings.
I did not think too much. I kept sweeping the floor.
After a plenty of times, I thought of her message what a sudden.
I viewed her article, I felt like crying. I am really sad when I knew she is going to leave us, to leave UTAR, because of the stupid result.
I knew more people are leaving as well when I chatted with Teck Joo. Zhi Wey, Xiang Lin, Haw Yeen, An Yong, Cindy and even Viv are probably going to withdraw from UTAR.
I have never thought about this when I got my result. Although my result this semester is bad yet I have never thought of the problem of withdrawing from school. The bad thing is I know my friends face this situation but I did not think of them when I got my result. I just think of "ok, I will study harder next semester." but not "how about them?can they pass this semester?"
Too bad, I felt it.
I love my friends, I love the class , the whole class, but not the remain class. More classmates are leaving us, less classmates are staying in UTAR.
How many classmates are going to graduate at last? I have no idea but I hope it is full amount.
I don't understand. Sometimes, I can't really understand why shall we take examination? Do examination truly can represent the ability of one? Can tell the knowledge of one?
We don't really have to show how much knowledge we can "save" in our brain. It is hi technology era, we have internet, we can surf internet to access to the knowledge. We have mobile phone functioned with wi fi then we are able to online portability. We have books as well which we can refer to it when facing problem. There's is no much problem. We can find ways when we faced problem. Why is it necessary to prove a person's memory through examination?
Friends, love all of you.
Sure we will go to your place and play next time.
As long as we can keep in touch always, that's the best~

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


I went out with my family just now. Two words to describe, pissed off!!!haha...
Tell you, don't do shopping with baby and a naughty boy next time. It really drove you nuts you know.
I hold the hand of my naughty nephew while doing shopping. I know people see me as the mother of one child!!!!Terrible la!I lost my market already yet I could not leave him to walk alone as he is extremely, terribly naughty.
Besides, the baby who is just one month old, kept crying and asking for milk or else, asking her mum to hug her.
I can't say I like kids after today. I could not sacrifice my freedom to feed a child. I am still not that level. Of course la, I am just 21 years old! I supposed to enjoy my young and "flowerish" life!

Monday, May 24, 2010


Here's my new hairstyle. You would say, nothing changed! Maybe, because I did not do curly hair,did not do any hair cut, neither bob hair, nor boy cut. It is still a long hair,with no stylish or layer.
Ok, I have just done my hair rebonding which is really costly. In additional, no much changes occurred. Yet, it  mean to me. At least, my hair become lighter, become thinner and become more straight.
And according to Xue Wen, I looked more lady now.
You know, how much it cost me? It is RM500!!!For this length, it is RM500. Terrible right??!!I did it in a branded hair salon, A cut above, in Mid valley, last Friday. Normally, this length of hair, it costs RM200++ outside and Winnie's hair(really long hair) only costs her RM300 before. Sigh, thus branded stuffs always make us like a fool who spent more than others. Yet I hope that it guarantee the quality.
Something that I would like to mention in my words is something while I took the ktm to KL. I took KTM to KL that day in order to do my hair done. I saw this then.
I found this changes after I got back from Kampar. The couch which is served for ladies only. I heard the announcement all along the trip every time it stopped at each stop. " The middle couch is for ladies only and males are forbidden to enter"(something like that). It might sound inconvenient for the males yet of course not for the females. We have our own couch nowadays. Luckily I read the newspaper the day before thus I knew there is a couch for ladies. Otherwise I will be seem to be so ignorant.
Despite of the "culture" in an Islamic country that male and female should keep a distance, it guarantee female's safety from the "wolf". You know, some cheap guys, like to behave which is not respect to the females in the couch. I met this kind of situation once. But when it happened, what can you do? He might be not purposely as it is too packed. So if you shouted, you will be the one be humiliated.
In conclusion, I like this new service. Now I can sleep syoikly in the couch(thou I always can sleep in the train). Girls, free to enjoy your trip safely and happily.

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Proud [Five In The Black Consert] - Tohoshinki

Classmates of UTAR sure know, I like Dong Bang Shin Ki...
I like their songs,their performance as well as their attitude.
Seriously, they unlike those idol team in Taiwan or else. They are both talented and handsome.
This is one of those favourite songs of them. PROUD
It just very match for them when they were singing this song in their concert in Japan.
It brought the means of the korean are proud of them.
Moreover, they cried during singing this song...
I felt touched whenever I watched this video, no matter how many times I watched.
That's why I posted this video here.
TVXQ, is there any chance for all Cassiopeia(name of TVXQ's fans) to watch five of you on the stage?
Do I ever have the chance to go for TVXQ concert?><...

Monday, May 17, 2010

Update me

Seriously, I was busy doing research online this few days!!!!
I was searching for the information regarding TAIWAN where I am going next year.
I am so EXCITED la...keep searching for the famous travel spot, shopping area, delicious taiwan local food!!!!
I am just so EXCITED!!!!!
Can't wait for the coming of next January!!!!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Society follower(2)

I saw the news few weeks ago yet I kept forgetting to blog this up to my place. As my perception, I think it is a necessary to talk about this issue, this event maybe. I took all these photo from in order to make my piece more colourful by putting up those pictures.
As you can see from the picture above, the people were reading newspaper up side down, one even put the TV tool on his head. What are they doing?In fact, with World Press Freedom onward, they were having a protest(Sport Reading Mainstream Newspaper Upside down -translate from mandarin), to against media self-censorship, to "bebaskan media". Mainstream media nowadays tends to be more biased and pro government in their news report as the result of ownership and political economy control (political economy theory..haha). This has seriously threaten the credibility and reliability of the news nowadays and curtailed our right to access to the issues, as well as our freedom of expression and speech.
As a student of Journalism, we understand the structure and the hidden fact in the media industry, but not the common public,not the average people. Public who did not go for higher education, they do not understand the fact. They always believe the newspaper, as it is the only path for them to access to news.
Some young people todays do not care of the society, the politic tactics, as well believe to mainstream media though they have a better way by going to internet news portal. The problem is, who in fact going online for news? Unless they play the role of MSN or providing games as what Facebook did.

As I think, we have the responsibility to uphold the media freedom, therefore protect access to credible and reliable news(truth).Only with the well educated (either with the academic or the news), Malaysia can have a more mature society and political environment.
The former NTV7 producer of Edisi Siasat(if not mistaken), Huang Yi Chung and TV2 《前线视窗》's producer, Zhou Ze Nan have joined the protest as well. As they concern of the media, they concern of the people's right. So why don't we?
(Left) Huang Yi Chung and Zhou Ze Nan
As Huang said, the flashmob will be having the protest every weekend, in order to raise the awareness of the public towards the issue of media freedom, as well as to inform them the 528 media changed aniversary(528报变周年纪念日 ). As the information, 28th of May, 2001 was the day at which Huaren Holding took control of Nanyang press and the start point for politic interfered chinese newspaper.
For you who concern about the media in Malaysia, let's join the "celebration" together. Let's reject for the paper for one day. Let's stop watching news for one day.

P/s: Lucky me, I have got a chance to hear talk from Huang Yi Chung. Though I was sleepy that time yet I still manage to catch what he said that time. He is one who deserved for our respect for his effort in upholding media freedom.

Friday, May 14, 2010

Food Review

This is first food review I posted here. Normally I will post in another blog of mine.
You might be asking, what so special of this?
The answer is Yeah, nothing so special of this "kuih" , but the special is the hawker.
I did not capture the hawker(no dare) so that I decided to post the "result" I got from him.
These kuih are our local dessert, Fried banana and fried fried green bean. I bought them in Kampar just before I headed back to Klang.

While others were buying the famous and delicious fried pohpiah from the Indian uncle, I walked to another stall. I saw my favourite one, the Fried green bean. It has been ages since I did not see it selling around. On the spot, I asked the Indian hawker the price of it. He did not answer me but kept busying packing the kuih for me. WHAT THE....I asked second time then he only answered me:"RM2 for 4"...this is considered expensive that I stopped him from packing the third. Then I asked him how much of the fried banana. Again, he packed the kuih without answering me!!!Then after packing the second one, he only answered my question.

I don't like the way he do his business. I know earning money is not the easy one yet this is not that way I think. Every job has their own code of ethics. Journalist has one, doctor has one, so do the businessman, even the hawker. In this incident, he should have answered my question and ensure whether I want to buy or not but not busy with packing. Since I have approached his stall then means that I willing to buy. Yes, I did buy after his "hard-selling" tactic yet I am sure no second time.

New born princess..

Here come our new family member. See!!!how sweet and how pink of her. I failed to capture her smile face yet I think I will be able soon since I will be at home for 2 weeks time.
The new member

Name: Chong Ying Cien
Sex: Female
Birthday: 26 th of April, 2010
Zodiac: Tiger
Horoscope: Taurus (same as her mom)
Current weight: 3+ kg (she was 2.6kg when she was born, and increase to 3+ after a week)
Current location: Taman Evergreen, Klang

2010, she born at 2010!!!My hand halt when I am typing her birthday. 2010, she is so young while I who was born at 1989, becoming old year by year. I am 21 years old now, no longer a girl with beautiful fairytale and wonderful dream. I am an adult that able to judge and hold the key of my life. I am the one who can make decision myself. Times flied so swift. *Sigh*
See...she is so cute and sweet. Her mum said she looked like the piglet in Winnie The Pooh...haha..but i would rather describe her as a boneless worm. You know, she was too fragile and too soft. I like her skin as babies' skin are soft and smooth.
I took photo with the boneless when she was crying. Is it I am too pretty,thus threaten her?haha...
Seriously, I have upgraded to the aunt of two nephew and niece la!!!
Ok, well then, let's welcome our new pinkish member to the family!!!

The memorable day of Ms. Joethi and us

I guess it is not too late for me to blog Ms. Joethi's big day up as nothing is too late as long as you did it. And, now I did it.
Why I said the day is so memorable for both Ms Joethi and us? As it is the day Ms. Joethi stepped into a happiness journey of her life yet it is the day she officially left us and UTAR. The day we lost a good teacher. She chose her way and of course we support her.
It was 8th May 2010, we went to our lovely and respectable lecturer's wedding which held in Ipoh. Talk about Ipoh, it made us lost our way for nearly an hour until the bus uncle was crazy and told us that it is difficult to earn from us. I am sorry, uncle.And, want to thank Chin Eng, the carepochi...haha...We could not have made the trip without him. He was so tough to book the bus and wait for the late passengers.
My classmates were really pretty that day, especially Saravani, Amirah and Vivien.
The day was sweet and Ms. Joethi,the bride was so pretty. We were late but luckily able to make it.
Heard that there were some politicians and they left just before we arrived. It is sayang that we can't see the "big scene" yet this proved a saying of Utar-ian: Face problem. haha...
Many lecturers were there, with beautiful dress and lovely make up. It is pleased to see many lecturers there with "another face" of them, it made me feel even friendly and close to them.
Picture of all our lecturers in UTAR, but don't know why my senior was there as well.
And, of course, we would not missed the chance to take photo with the lovely couple that day. We presented Ms. Joethi our picture which captured and frame made by Chin Eng. She was so happy when she got it.
Lovely picture taken with the couple of that day, and also the present.
We ate the food after all. I like the sambal chicken, putu mayam as well as the mutton. I love spicy food thus I like the food that night, but obviously not everyone like it. Ms. Mok is one of the them which the food can't cater to her until she has to ask us out for mamak. Another person I saw is Nigel, our senior. Seriously, he took so little, I think it is not even enough for a cat!!!??I asked him is that enough for you,he pointed his body and apparently he wanted to say: This is why I am so thin. You should learn from me. Well, speechless.
After that, Ms Mok the sampat came to our table and chat with us. She asked me: Pei Suang, don't you want to keep fit?Why you eat so much?...><..(I have just taken one sambal chicken breast,some mutton,some veggie and the putu mayam)...I told her chicken breast is healthy and not containing fat. haha...
Ms. Mok simply act cute.
Ms. Mok not look good in the picture as she did not look at the camera but not us. We were good in this picture so i decided to put it.^^
Besides, we managed to take photo with our tutor of Political Science, Msl. Por. Another legend people of our faculty. I missed her as well since she has never taught us this semester and last short semester.
Picture with Mr Por
We have also taken photo with another main character of the day, morning but not night. Ms. Jue Jun whose paper was on that day and the one hanging us up.>< She looked pretty that night as well.Yet I found that I don't have her picture here. So will only upload next time when Eng uploaded all photo up to Facebook~~
Ms Esaline was gorgeous that night, she wore saree that night. It is a huge waste that all of us could not take photo with her. As well as Mr Afi, lost him after we finished our meal.
Beside our class photo, we have also presented Ms Joethi my handmade card. I used "heart and blood" to do that card the whole night. It is really happy when I saw Ms. Joethi liked it. A sense of achievement, some more she again, praised me in Facebook. I do not have the photo of my card so again, I have to wait for Mr. Eng....

I love you, Ms Joethi.
Ms. Joethi, our first lecturer in UTAR. Her class,Journalism 1 was the first class for us in UTAR. She is the first one introduce Journalism to us. She was my advisor who always give us candy, chocolate, biscuit and sushi.
Ms. Joethi, Happy marriage to you. Wish you and your husband happy last for ever. I simply like a sentence from Chin Eng that night. Quote him: Ms. Joethi left us because she chose you. So you must take good care of her.
Hope that we will still be able to meet her out next time, perhaps in Kuala Lumpur or Kampar.

(photo retrieved from Amirah, facebook)

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Here come Suangtic

Klang, here I am to breathe the air of Klang.
Exactly, I am back to Klang, safely and happily.
This time, I drove.
I drove Zing's Myvi. I have been chatting with Zing along the journey.
Thanked her, as she sacrificed her sleep to accompany me.
We talked a lot, all about our wonderful time in Secondary school. The time I wished to back to.
We talked a lot, and also about the problem I have encountered this few weeks.
Friendship, Love, Mind, Thinking, Feeling. We talked all.
I especially, missed something I have missed for long time.
The enthusiasm in holding an event.
The passion in being a "happy nut" for everyone.
The ardour of bringing laughter.
I was active, in my secondary school.
I was optimistic, in the teenager time.
I was active in the activities.
I loved being busy.
I hated being too relax. Yet.
I changed after I came to university.
I failed to find the feeling that I have lost.
I could not feel the enthusiasm in doing everything that I used to love.
I am pessimistic.
I am passive.
No way!I am not going to let this continue.
I should get all the feeling back to me again.
It is time for me to recharge.
I will be a different one after the break.

Sunday, May 9, 2010

Society follower(1)

I saw a news today. News that sickening the public. There was another teen shooting case happened in our country, again, after close to a fortnight.
The first incident was happened on 26 April 2010 in Shah Alam. According to The Star, Aminulrasyid Amzah, 15, was shot dead by police.Look, there is by no others but the police who served as a protector of the public, the person who defend the harmony and safety of our society. I found this is ridiculous when I first saw the news. The boy is just a 15 years old teenager, he has a bright future, he has lot to learn. However, now he was announced to dead under the bloody hands of the police.
While the previous case is still under investigation and while the outrage of the public are not played down yet, another boy, Mohd Azizi, 17, was shot by a patrol police in Seremban, around 3.30am while riding his motorcycle illegally.
Fortunately, this boy is luckier than Aminulrasyid, he managed to survive after the shot by the policeman to his hip.
First thing first, we should not have denied that the two boys are innocent. In fact, they did wrong. They should not have driven/ride the car/motorcycle illegal. Their act might endanger other cyclists on the road and threaten the traffic safety.
Yet, as we all know, they are only a not more than 18-year-old boys. Why is the police acted so cruel to the boy? The boys should not ran away from the police car but there is no reason for the police to shot them?
I heard from somebody that police can only open fire if there is urgency which threaten other's or their life and safety. Through the incident, I don't see any dangerous might happen to them that they have to shoot 20 times to the car. Funny.
I think most of all people, have once written policeman as their ambitions, so do I. But, the question is, is this the police we want to be?
I used to hoping to be a police who fight for justice, protect the safety and security of the public, as well as one who is respectable. This is what make police so important and attractive. So how do you think of the police nowadays? Do they have the characteristics you longed to be?
I think of something quite reasonable recently. Well, people previously scared of meeting bad people, gangster while they were outing, driving. Yet, people nowadays should be aware of the policeman while driving. You might have to pay bribe for a saman with all kinds of reason clarified by the police.
So, who is the one who threaten our security nowadays?
Discovery today:I am seriously, crazily,vigorously,zealously, sincerely but not officially falling in love to Miss Mok, our respectable lecturer today!!!!!haha...

Joker from different path

This is the advertisement found in New York Times through, our "First Lady" of Malaysia. As what we always said, Malaysia Bo~leh~...our "First Lady" is on USA famous press leh, of praising for her welfare contribution, of the "International Peace Honor"(don't how to translate exactly from Chinese). Yeah, she is deserved of this honor, especially the way she concerned of Altantuya, concerning about the "kapal haram" issue and so on. Yeah, she deserved for it, for her hard work, for her "great" effort. Let's celebrate for her.

Mood before the last paper

Phew~I got the last one more paper to go, eventually...Communication Research Method, It will be my last subject in this semester. I have taken a nap, just now, after my Business and Electronic Commerce paper. It was the most relax, the sweetest yet sweaty nap, since Final began. Relax, because I have taken four papers already. The sweetest, it is a nap that without burden, and I manage to stay on lying even though I have woke up. Sweaty, you know la, Kampar's weather never cold, and always hot, is extremely hot.
Talk about the previous two papers I have taken. The days was like, you can see books or notes beside me everyday. I am not saying I am hardworking, instead saying I was really stressed. I scared Communication Theories, as well as lazy to memorize all sort term-term(kata ganda pula) of BEC. Yet, no doubt, the days passed and I am not sure how is it.

You know ah, something should be euphoria, Ai Peng came to me yesterday, told me:"Pei Suang, you became thinner." What my reaction at that moment?I answered her, No No No, I have gained my weight since the final began. I cant stop eating when I was studying. Hey, really la, why people can reduce weight while Final period, but not me? Seriously, I have taken many food yesterday. Well, morning I have my oat+milk, Jacob's Low Salt Hi-Fibre biscuit on top with the tuna; then I have my lunch(economic fried bihun+one kuih) at bamboo with eastlake geng before Communication Theories. I need to eat before the paper, in case I could not think if hungry. I felt terribly hungry after the paper, then I ate teh tarik, biscuits and gui leng go. I have one cup of dragon fruit ice blended at night. Meanwhile, I felt hungry at night while I was fighting with BEC notes. Then I took oat and a piece of toast.
In the midnight, while I was still struggling with the notes, Andrew popped out with a bowl of seaweed soup. He put it on the table and wished me all the best for the paper the next day. It was sweet and so warm, I meant his behavior which successfully touching me. Besides, the soup was really nice and full of materials, yet it is a bit too salty for me. Anyway, it is still nice and tasty. Thank you, Andrew!

It was my day, see, how much that I have eaten. I officially hate examination period, as it will put on my weight~~
Ok, that's all for today. I am going to Ms. Joethi, our lovely lecturer's wedding now~
Wish a blastful and wonderful wedding to my dear lecturer and her husband...

p/s: By the way, I am going to Taiwan, I think...haha...

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

To go or Not to go?

I got a facebook message yesterday from Xue Wen...when I almost closed my web browser.
She asked me, suang, want to go Taiwan or not?It is RM625, included air fare, luggage and meal.
Gosh!it is lovely. I have been wishing to go Taiwan for tour for ages.

RM625, excluded hotel, 3 meals in Taiwan, transportation. How much will it charge after add all this?some more, I guess I am going to do shopping restless.haha... Honestly, my heart was touched. I got the impulse to say YES to her immediately.

However, I did not. I should have plan the money to use since I am quite broke, every time.haha..(never be rich before and now) but it still attractive la~
HOW?Shall I go?or not?
I am going to give her answer today~~
I have been into a dilemma...To go or not to go?
Got money or not?haha...><

Tuesday, May 4, 2010

My morning in DARK

Again,I woke up in dark.
This is my lifestyle in Kampar. Wake up in the early morning before the Sun do.
This few days is the worst, I wake up around 3-4am almost everyday to study for my FINAL!!!
The house, supposed to be total still and quiet yet it is not in fact. My two housemates are still studying and facebook-ing since today will be their second paper. All the best for my housemates~
Besides, I woke up and realized that the people who sleeps beside has gone today. When I came down to downstair then saw her just came back home from MM...haha...people's lifestyle change during the examination period, from right to left, from up to down.
Sometimes, I am wondering how will it be to the students after ten years, or twenty years later,or even more? Honestly, student's life is terribly unhealthy. Stick to the laptop(watching drama series, facebook-ing, blogging,etc) the whole night nonstop, hang out with other unhealthy students in mamak(the only place students can go, I meant Kampar Utarians) and what else?perhaps talking in Westlake, or cycling in Westlake, this is the phenomena in Kampar, am I suppose to proud of it?haha...
I guess youngsters in nowadays grow old faster and quick. Not more than twenty years, you will see the increasing of "old-looked" people on the street, playing basketball or doing shopping. Wakaka...this are just exaggerated but surely is people will become weak and no longer as healthy as people in old times though we have extremely high technology or well developed medical.
Okay, the break is over, I should have continued my study for Business and E-commerce. Frankly, my mind always popped out with a question this few days while I was studying BEC. Is it related to Journalism???Shall I sell clothes beside my news article in the future if I worked as an online journalist?I do not want to study it la,it are so many terms to memorize and so many to study!!!!
Sigh..back to the reality, I still have to stop blogging and study.
Aza aza fighting!

Monday, May 3, 2010

A Special to cheer

Frankly, I am too lazy to drop here a post in the beginning yet I decided to at last. Why?As I think today is worth for me to blog in order to bear it in my mind.

Today is May, 3rd 2010. Nothing special about it what. Labours' Day has passed, no holiday somemore now is in the examination period. Mothers' Day is not here yet, supposed be next Sunday I think. However, it is special for people who concerned about the newspaper, the TV reporting, radio, the media. It is World Press Freedom Day. And the day Malaysia was stated as the 141th as the no press freedom country among 196 countries (Freedom House, 2010). (haha...Malaysia do better that it moved upward two steps to 141th than 143th last year)

When only Malaysia be a total expression and speech free country?
I saw a report in today. Its topic as Press freedom: Return of 'Mahathirism'? I was so interested in this article and so eager to click in to see. It is one of the scope of my Communication Theories paper and in addition I do like this topic. Disappointedly, it appeared with this page.

So sad I am not its subscriber.