Sunday, April 25, 2010

I have made my decision

I feel so SAD la....after got the result of the election.
I was there. I felt the atmosphere there. I know the feeling of the people, the Chinese in Ulu Selangor. And now, I can feel the feeling of them as well!!!
The one who really impressed me is the Chinese hawker in the Ulu Yam's pasar who sells fried noodles.
I can feel his hot blood. He is so that concern of our country's status. Concerning of our welfare, our living. Yet, me as the journalist(in the future), what am I doing here?I kept waving the flag which wrote "Politic is none of my business" while others are fighting for their own right, benefits.
He changed my mindset. He is the one make me decided to vote in the next election. I will stand up and fight for myself.
The media is manipulated. However, I still have my right to choose my own government!(guess so)

Ulu Selangor II

Yuuhuu~ all dear, I am now back to Kampar where told I have to face the reality--FINAL!!!!
The 2 days 2 night Ulu Selangor trip is officially declared to end. I reached here around 1pm i think, and our senior driver treated us in Brown Secret for lunch. I would want to thank her, for the chicken rice in KKB, for the Loh Mee in Ulu Yam Bharu, as well as for Mamak style hor fun in Kampar. I understand that she wanted to treat us as an appreciation yet I think this is unnecessary indeed. We are all "poor" and no income students addition, she has already paid for the petrol, tolls and other trivial payment. Plus, we did got things from you, ok, for others, I'm not sure but for me, I have learnt a lot from the trip. I know who is Nik Aziz. I heard Lim Guan Eng's speech but regretted not Lim Kit Siang's. I saw Selangor Khalid. I saw the ugliest face of the politicians and the people. I did learn a lot from this lesson.
Thank you, Kwan Yee.
I agreed with what Ah Eng said today. "Politics is an art of cheating manipulating"(Oh Chin Eng, 2010). Yeah, definitely, it is an art, art of the social. Advertising is an art as well, towards beautiful yet politics science is art more to ugly face...haha...I am glad that I make my choice to choose Advertising. And this few days, it prove me that I did not make a wrong decision.
The first day we reached Ulu Yam, it was already 10 or 11 pm. We did not do anything, just to settle down our belongings. Kwan Yee checked the schedule the next day and planned our owned. We slept in Eling's room that night, no..i mean all nights in Ulu Yam. And the air condition is really cool until I can wake up at night because it is too cold.
The next day which was 23/04, we woke up at 7.30 in the morning. Eling's mum bought us nasi lemak as our breakfast. It is tasty la...Honestly, I love nasi lemak so much, with lot of sambal.
We went to the pasar nearby Eling's house that day. It was our first stop. I started with an old uncle. He didn't spoil my mood and enthusiasm. I managed to complete my first survey which gave me quite a great confidence.
I met a Chinese hawker there who impressed him. He is the first one I met in Hulu Yam who talk about Malaysiakini to me. He has plump body and funny smile. He is humorous and so cute. The way he answered was so official and formal, like an interview. He successfully changed my mindset towards people in Ulu Selangor, and towards politics. He reminded me that politics is actually so that important for us. Yet, young people nowadays don't even bother who actually is the government. Obviously, I am one of them. As long as I can do what I want, I can eat what I like, I can watch movie I like, I can do shopping whenever I can. I live with no worries, then it is alright for me. Who care of the government?Who care of the politics?
This man changed my mindset. I was so naive, I realized. Yet I guessed I am still not too late to wake up.
With a heartful and "stomachful" of encouragement, we headed to our next destination, Media Centre in Kuala Kubu Bahru. Errmmm...Media Centre. Before to here, I thought it must be somewhere quite high class and full of reporters inside. We spent a long time and long way to get there. Well, it is all reporters inside, yet talk about high class,it is totally out of my imagination...haha...
After having a round of survey in the pekan, we went to have our lunch in a hawker stall. There was a mobile A & W. Since when i have not eaten A&W.
We ate chicken rice which treated by Kwan Yee. We did some survey in the place as well and here I met something that increase my hatred toward politics. I met two Chinese uncle in the stall and I decided to give them do survey. Both of them told me do not talk to them if it is something regarding politics. They also said that politics ah, is not poor people's things but only for wealthy people. Alright, they might be right and I just said thank you to them and wanted to leave. One of them stopped me and asked me where I from (which university). I told him I am student from UTAR. Meanwhile, he said," Oh, then you represent MCA la!!" "No No No,I am here to do research but not represent any party." I explained. "Aiya, still MCA la...tell you ah, MCA is useless!!No talented people already!Even people who play ladies also can be the leader!"
the uncle continued with anger, " MCA really useless."
Well, I felt so uncomfortable that time. Especially they talked that in a way of loudly voice, almost shouting. I simply smile to them and walked away.
I saw another woman after this and asked her if I can do a survey with her. She asked me to ask her outside of the shop and told me then that the two uncle are actually member from MCA!!!
I felt so frustrated and frightening. This should not have happened among Chinese. This enhance my scary feeling towards Politics!!!
Just think, if I agreed with them and talked together with them, the consequence is unimaginable! Everyone are devil in the field of politics. Luckily, I don't really know politics!
At the same day, we went for Najib, our prime minister in the afternoon. The atmosphere was so exaggerate when I saw many people wearing 1 Malaysia t-shirt and screaming it to our PM. It is really funny to see the scene. Auntie were all waiting for our PM, like waiting for a super star. Funny!
That night, we went for PKR's speech. You can see the speech very funny and sarcastic. Their used words are so sensitive and all pointed to BN.
That's all for the first day in Hulu Selangor.

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Days in Hulu Yam I

Wow...I'm terribly physically tired and mentally frightening after this few days' research.This told me that Final Year Project is not funny at all!!!!It somehow dangerous as well!!!
Well...I am now in Ulu Selangor, where I have never been here before. Now, I am in this place, during the election period. Not travelling, but being an assistant for my senior, Kow jie's FYP.
I didn't take much time, not even a single minute to say yes when she asked me to go with her. This same to Teck Joo as well. If not, I will not be able to type my blog now, at this place (Eling's house).
I saw many politicians this few days thou with not excited feeling yet think that I should have seen this people since my IC is stated as Malaysian. I saw our Prime Minister, Najib. I saw the candidate for this election. I saw Nib Aziz. And others. And I am going to see Anwar tonight. However, I am more willing to see Dr. Mahathir la...
I will update more tomorrow when I get back to Kampar...


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Morning in dark

Good morning guys, good morning the earth~
Since after the request for my blog by my lovely fisha few days ago, I decided to re-start updating my blog, finally. I should have given play to my potential of becoming journalist in the future. wahaha...
As usual,i woke up early.Everyday,i manage to see the world,from dark to bright, from bright turn into dark. This makes me feel like so full of energy, like i did not waste my time with eyes closing on the bed.
It seems to be another good and fresh morning today, again. I can feel the cooling air and the sound of birds whispering around, like greeting with me. Kampar's morning always be so peace and still. Students wake up really really late lah, unless those who going for classes. Otherwise, you barely see any young people in the morning, it is like a dead taman.(haha...)
Final is coming on sooner and sooner, therefore the hardworking suang decided to start working out lo~~Yet, it is not easy lar...i cant really concentrate in studying. I can't help dozing off whenever I started to read on my notes. The most thing is my final start from next Saturday, earlier than other else.
Talk about weekend, this weekend might be a travelling one, and adventurous(don't really think so) one. Yeah, I am going to Hulu Selangor this evening after my last Comm Theory tutorial class, the last class taught by my respectable teacher, Ms. Mok. Ms. Mok is going to leave UTAR and to other place. Heard that she got another better offer. Here, I sincerely wish Ms. Mok can have a better and great future, in terms of her career, her relationship(as she told us she is going to marry therefore she leaves UTAR) and so on and so off.
Back to the topic, yeah, going to Hulu Selangor later, to watch a series of by-election Malaysia local drama for three days. Frankly speaking, I don't really know anything regarding the election, I can say that I don't like it, I don't like politics. I know it is important, especially in Journalism field. However, in my sense, it is dirty, it is dark, it is evil, once you touch it, your life is dangerous. It is really so miraculous that I accepted this offer to go Hulu Selangor.
Kwan Yee ah Kwan Yee, you should have thank me for promising you. Though I dislike politics, but I will try to learn it in order to survive in the future(kaka...).Thus, gonna take this opportunity to learn the politic world.
A great news I found out today. My pets are growing...they are blooming in this very good morning. They are pinkish and awesomely cute lar~~love it so much...
Oopps...i guess you don't really what am i talking about right? new pets are flowers!!I got them from an auntie yesterday. She is kind of generous and amiable. For me, I have no idea who they are, what supposed to call them but I heard Haw Yeen the professor of eastlake told me that they are sunflower. This has made me remember what auntie told me yesterday. She said those flowers can live as long as there is sunlight.So i guess i can call them little sunflower.
Love them so much because i have put my heart, my sweat into them la...I remove the weeds under the big sun in order to plant my little sunflower. It is uneasy to plant something i guess. You have to care for them, should responsible to them, but not merely saying only.
Arrh...I have forgotten to water them this morning. So see you next time.


p/s: i am late to upload my post due to the lack of my home line...