Thursday, June 10, 2010

Update 4

My heart beat fast and out of the beat now.
I can't really think of anything now.
I am too nervous and too scared.
It is very scary and will be a phobia for me next time.
Stop thinking of that, stop thinking.
May Buddha bless him.
May you be well and healthy.
I am sorry, indeed!

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Update 3

Times flies swiftly.It is already week 2 of my second year, second semester.
Today is Wednesday, which mean that four more days to week 3.
The days run fast since last week.
I was busy.
I wake up early in the morning and go for a short morning jogging this few days.
I go to school at 8.30am everyday.
I always the one who arrived the most early and take all files as well as the promote tools from DSA.
I settle down Block C booth and wait for people on duty to come.
After that, I started to walk to Block H.
This happened almost everyday in this week.
I did not even have a proper lunch in fact.
I bought bread for my lunch, except today, I managed to eat rice.
I just love to be so busy so that I will not simply wasted my life, time in my university.
I just love to involve in activities where I can learn a lot which we can't get from textbook.
To all my Auspicious Night committee..
As well as to my dear OCE and his team.
All the best.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Update 2

Auspicious Night ticket starts selling onward from tomorrow to Week 4.
I know I am going to be very busy.
I got to pay attention on my studies, I must not neglect my study.
I want to try my best to make my CGPA looked pretty.
As well as, I am the creative department of the JR gathering, which means that I have to start designing the decoration, bookmarks and the invitations for lecturers.
The most important, I cannot put aside my Auspicious Night stuffs la...
I want to make it perfect, Who call it is my first event in UTAR.
Sure I want to put all my efforts into it.
Today is our Dai Ka Jie's birthday.
Was celebrating with her, with our classmates.
So happy..because I love Jr-ians.
Chin Eng has just made an announcement today, in front of us.
All were remaining silent when Chin Eng asked us to help them out.
I wished I can help. Yet I am too busy, seriously.
I will try my best and see I can make it to go for his meeting tomorrow.
All the best, my friend.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

All the best

Now that, I started to regret, a little bit.
I am really stressed. I love singing, but when it came to something serious, I felt stressed and can't even breathe.
How can I cope with this situation?
I hope I can perform well in Auspicious Night.
I hope I won't bring inconvenient to Kowky, make her to practise more with me.
I hope I can solve my problem, indeed.
I hope I can do my best.
I do not want to give up.
I will never let myself regret.
Lee Pei Suang, All the best!!!!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

I went for a morning jog today. The first jogging after semester break.
I got a companion today who is Fisha~haha...
She did not sleep the whole night in fact because of the moonlight which shone on her face.
I am glad as I still able to run with smooth breathe and tiredless legs, since I have not jogged for three weeks.
As usual, I jog for half an hour. Yet the runway is different this time.
We jogged along the road to UTAR this time. We met a lot of students on the way, most are fresh and new faces, unlike us, the stale and old one. (XD...kaka)
I saw two girls are looking at us, with curious faces. Then the front one turned to back one, and laughed. I found it ridiculous la. Any laugh point on jogging? Hello, Jogging is a healthy sport. I should laugh at you as you don't exercise. (Maybe I am too sensitive la, but dislike the way they looked at us today)
The sun was almost to show his face when we reached home after the half an hour jog which made me found an excuse to skip from cycling today.haha...(I usually cycle after jog)
Fisha told me that my face is a bit slim already after the jogging. My face is not as baby face as before, when the first year I came to UTAR. Seriously, am I look older now? So sad.
This made me remember a word from my aunt as well. She told me I looked mature now and no more baby face. Although my face is still round but I know this is not more baby face. I feel sad, how? I don't really want to grow up.
Another sad things is I still have one year and the half to be in UTAR. I am going to graduate after one year and the half. I do not really want go into the society la...><...I dont want to become old!!!
I am going to be like this one day.

He She It

I saw him the first day I stepped into UTAR.

He was sitting beside and chatting with his friend. I decided to ignore him since we are not so close. I don't even know what can or what shall I talk with him.

Today is the second day in UTAR. I saw him again, in class. We got so many chances to bump into. Some lecture classes I attend is similar to his thus that's why I saw him everyday.

He looked different today. He looked so down today. He looked so upset today. I can see the sadness through his eyes. He was not as active as previous.

I know the reason. I know. He did not do well in the Final last semester. He got quite bad result. I do not know what to do when I saw him. I just pretend that I do not know anything and kept joking to him. I wish I can make him happier. Yet our conversation just ended within 10 minutes I think, did not really count the time and I am bad in estimating time or age.

I hope he is happy as I like to see his smily and joyful face.

Result does not show your talent in fact. We are always better out of the examination.

To all my friends, believe in yourself and do not give up the opportunity to study, to gain knowledge.

Good Luck to all my friends!

By the way, I went for my multimedia tools classes today, both lecture and tutorial class. I found that I am falling in love with this subject. There are quite a lot of interesting stuffs to learn and to play as well as to do. I love design.