Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Happy International Women's Day

It was the International Women's Day yesterday (which is about two hours ago when I blogging this). And it was the significant day of the oppositional party in Malaysia three years ago. And it also refers to a "Freedom Striving Day". I saw a news in Sinchew Daily (online) and there is an article regarding women in the Middle East countries who stand out to the street and fight for their freedom, from ladies dressed in T-shirt and jeans to ladies who in black Hijab.

I felt extremely touching when I saw the word of "hijab". I have always read that Muslim women are conservative and they are just obey to their husband. To them, freedom is nothing and perhaps impossible for them in their whole life. However, when I read this, I know women nowadays, are empowered.

Women are trying to stand up and saying that " We are actually capable and we have our right to decide our faith and even involve in the movement of transforming the world."

Women's right, is to enjoy the basic liberty like men enjoying. Everyone are equal and share the common perception and mindset, but not only all about men, in a country. I feel appreciated as the country that I stay does not have such restrictions.

Yet, to clarify, many women who chasing for women's right, mistaken the rights as to control men, to step them under women's feet. To ask them obeying to women. This is something that I strongly disagree with, though I am a lady (not woman yet), and I even despising it. This is no longer called women's right but women's arrogant. We shout for equality between man and woman, but those are practicing the contrary behaviour. Then what is equality?

I understand, in some ways, woman couldn't alike man, in terms of physical strength for example. However, in this technology booming era, everything can be overcame with just a "click" or in this civilize society, everything is not a problem with a brain.

Equality and freedom....Let us work together to accomplish a society with equality and freedom.
And it is time for me to get back in my assignment. All the best~

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czeci said...

Nicely written! :) LIKE!
I hope women in the Mid East could make a difference.

Couldn't agree more with your arrogant women theory! Some women are just over the borders. Claiming rights the wrong way.==