Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Sentence of the week

The sentence that impressed me a lot this week is not " Go fuck yourself with your atom boom" which I heard from Communication Law lecturer but " I know you guys don't like politics" from the lecturer of Politics and the Media.
It sounds sarcastic especially when words came from Mr. Kuan who showed us the website of "Lao Zha Bo" from Singapore later and said we like that kind of website than political's.

Although I know many students on the spot are actually enthusiastic in Politics yet at the same time, many people are sharing the mindset like what Mr. Kuan said. I could not admit that I chose to minor in Advertising because of my hatred toward politics and frightened of the evil face of the politicians. Yet I just can't deny that I have started falling in love with Politics, of course not involving but studying.

Nonetheless, the zeal still could not pull me out from the hatred of politics, especially the incident happened currently that made me questioning the trustworthiness of a politician. Yet as a professional journalist (to-be), I will not resist from taking any job that deal with politicians (such as interviewing them), and I will try my best to uphold the profession of a journalist.

"Jama" (Jamaluddin Ibrahim) has established an online radio channel which named "". The concept of the radio channel is good which is to uphold the basic liberty of the people- Freedom of speech. As one who cherished for freedom, I am fully supporting him (that I have even purposely search for the radio channel website and click "like"). However, I sincerely hope that he can keep his concept straight. Freedom of speech doesn't mean to attacking government. It is about objectivity and telling the truth. It is pretty annoying if the media criticizing one just because to criticize but ignoring one's contributions. Then it is nothing different from the mainstream media which controlled by the ruling party. Then it is not more what we call it "Freedom of speech". Let's wish "" to operate smoothly and successfully achieve their mission.

Let's sama-same upholding our basic liberty~
Freedom, long live~

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