Friday, March 18, 2011

This is what my tiny eyes saw

I went to a film screening yesterday. The film are shot by the media guy, Chou Z Lam.People will usually provide the background of one when they mentioned of one yet I am not going to do this. As I always know you guys can google it. (hiak hiak hiak)

This is not the first time for me seeing Mr Chou. The first time is in a talk which held by Chinese Institute and this time is held by SRC. He was talking of his experience in the media industry and also his concern of Bakun Dam. This time, he showed us the film he shot in Bakun Dam. His effort is really deserved our applaud and appreciate. As the government keeps ignoring the orang asli and now there is someone help them to express their voice and thought.

I am touching, from the bottom of my heart. The society, the minority always needs someone like Mr Chou, who willing to spend his whole life(perhaps) to let the people to understand them, and even the government.
Let's sincerely hope that one day, the government is willing to hear the orang asli's voice, but not hear the sound from money.

There was a Q & A session and Ms. Por has raised a question that make me think so long. Honestly, I have forgotten what exactly Ms Por asked and perhaps my thinking then has already out of the topic. And this is probably because of recently I was doing the news comparing and found all media, included alternative media also have their own agenda.

They hide/put no emphasize on some issues and put a magnifier on their favourite issues. I started to feel the uncomfortable environment a journalist will face in the real world. We are reading theory, textbook in the university. The media environment that we learned in our university is perhaps very ideal. We study media ethics and so on. We are shouting for media freedom in this ideal environment. Yet when we are going out from this protected environment, are we still shouting for it? or bury the thought deep inside our brain or under the material what we called money.

When we were dropped from the agency where we worked for, only we dare to shout it loud. This is what happening in this capitalism world. We will never say no to benefit when we were inside the industry, Haw Yeen told me today, even though if you were indeed zeal in changing the phenomenon, you worked hard and when you reached that level, you will probably changed your mind. This is true and an unchangeable truth. As long as there are money and people, you will never can change the media world. Poor people has nothing to lose thus they fight for their rights. Rich people scared their rights were threaten thus they use money to trample the poor people's rights.

I always think that the function of journalist is to report the truth and not giving any agenda or even angle. For me, angle is agenda. Angle is that you write or shoot something from some angle which means there is something you will probably highlight. Thus I dislike this style. You will say I am too straight but I can't stand the grey area.

I will not in this industry too long. Perhaps will only stay for three months during my internship or maybe I will change my mind in the future. Who knows?

As far, I see my direction. You will probably say I am a reporter but I believe I am more suitable for social movement. I do hope that I can join the team (Mr Chou's team). I will make it after I experienced all I wanted to then only I will spend my whole life in helping people who need to be empowered.

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Zinc.Jwen said...

这个社会确实需要社会运动,也需要更多更多的人不计酬劳不计辛劳参与其中。你想参与,当然好啦!只是,我一直害怕社会运动有时候会走上偏激的路线--当他们所要推动的事物一再被忽视,甚至遭到唾弃, 来自政府也来自民间,因此,他们选择用偏激的手法来传达信息。或许行事偏激也有其好处,只是我个人不太欣赏。但我相信以你温和的性格“应该”不会吧?或者说,是我“希望”你不会。^^ oh chin eng 就比较有可能。。。

suang said...

哈哈。。。有一点懒惰回comment所以拖了那么长时间。嗯,对啊,社会运动,可以很激进,但也可以很温和。还记得media ethics上过的那个stages of moral reasoning?最后一阶段的universal principles,很多人想要到达那个阶段,可是真正到达的又有几个?很多人想像甘地那样,但做到的又有几个?我希望我是甘地,但是我可以变成他吗?我也不知道,因为我们永远不知道将来会怎样。。。有没有将来也还是个未知数。只是担心的是局内人总会越走越迷失方向,偏离自己的初衷。如果未来的我是这样,写新闻举发我!哈哈。。。。

christal.loh said...

Follow your heart!
i once studied Mass Comm too.
work a few years and found out the reality out there is ALL ABOUT MONEY!

Therefore, I had changed my main career industry, while using my expertise back on media with NGOs (which mostly fighting on Human Rights).

All the best for your future endeavours!

Keep that fire of yours burning high, the flames will spread wide.